Michael Chaplin Condensed Bio

Michael B. Chaplin
Owner/President of Chaplin Aviation Management, Inc.
Experienced in Domestic and International Operations

AIRMAN RATINGS: Airline Transport Pilot -with the following Type Ratings -CASA212(looks like a smaller version of a C-130), CE500(Citation Jet), BE1900(Beechcraft 1900), and BE300/350(Beechcraft King Air 300 and 350).

Also have graduated from the FACTORY School on PT6-Engines(Pratt and Whitney)

INSTRUCTOR RATINGS: All Instructor Ratings are FAA Gold Seal
Certificated Flight Instructor - Airplane
Certificated Flight Instructor - Instrument
Certificated Flight Instructor - Multi-engine
Advanced Ground Instructor
Instrument Ground Instructor

Also have given instruction in Citation Jets, Beechcraft 1900, King Air 300, King Air 200, King Air E90, King Air C90, King Air C90B and Cessna 208 Caravan. (I know that you are already aware that everything from a King Air 200 on down does not require a Type Rating).


Currently own Chaplin Aviation Management, Inc. and manage and fly a King Air C90B. Also serve as an Aviation Expert and Accident Investigator for a series of Aviation Attorneys throughout the United States. Have investigated accidents within the United States as well as outside of the United States.

Former Chief Pilot for two different NASCAR Winston Cup Race Teams.

Also was Training Captain and Captain for a US Government Contract Company and flew missions with the US Navy SEALS, US Army Delta Force, and US Army Special Forces. Also provided instruction for all flight crews with the Company.

Also was a pilot for the US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team.

Also provided instruction to US Air Force Special Operations Pilots for their Type Ratings in the CASA212 and provided flight instruction to another contract company for various operations outside the United States.

Retired Pennsylvania State Police Officer - retired as the Commanding Officer of Troop S Dunmore, Pennsylvania...........