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Dwayne Waters, Demonstration Pilot and Maintenance
Trainer for Liberty Aircraft was our speaker July 8th 2009.
He had a terrific presentation on how Liberty constructs it's aircraft.




The June, 10th 2009 meeting
was devoted to
project updates.






At our May 13th 2009 meeting,
Don McLendon
gave a presentation about Aires.
Thanks, to Bobbi Lasher for setting up this presentation




At our April 8th
2009 meeting
CarolAnn Garratt was
our speaker,
she talked
about her record 2008 around the world flight
with Carol Foy, for ALS. It was a great presentation!

(click here to visit her ALS Dash for a Cure website)
(click here to view photos and copy of her 2004 presentation to us
about her first around the world flight)

(click here to visit her website)



The March 11th. 2009 meeting was devoted
to project updates.

The Valkaria Air Fest February 21, 2009 drew a record crowd.

(Valkaria Air Fest web site link)

For the February 11th. 2009 meeting
we attended the AOPA/FAA Wings Seminar,
GPS From the Ground Up,
at the Harris Customer Briefing Center, Melbourne.
(Click here to read the flyer from AOPA)

CBS News, Washington Post Writer
and contributor,
William Harwood was our speaker,
January 14th. 2009.

Toys For Tots
Pancake Breakfast, December 6, 2008
Merritt Island Airport, at Space Coast Aviation
was a great success.

At our meeting October 8th 2008 our friend,
John Palliser from Monaco was here to tell us
about jumping through hoops at Customs and TSA
because he is taking flying lessons.
Catherine had a slide show of NBAA.
Steve Borowski Valkaria airport manager,
and J. Roger Shealy running for County Commission,
District 1 were at the meeting.
Tony sold trinkets from NBAA to raise gas money for Young Eagles.





September 13th 2008 Ted Yon Flight Test

Photograph by Roger Scruggs


Photograph by Roger Scruggs


Photograph by Ric Lasher


Photograph by Ric Lasher


Photograph by Ric Lasher


Photograph by Roger Scruggs


Photograph by Roger Scruggs


Photograph by Roger Scruggs

September 10, 2008 meeting
in our new room at Space Coast Aviation,
second floor south side of the building.

Our August 13, 2008, was a busy night, beginning with a memorable
show and tell by Larry Olson of his, one of a kind, electric truck.

Our speaker for the evening was,
Art Ladd, Chief of Airspace for Cape Canaveral AFS
His talk centered on our air space, which he controls.
Thanks to V.P. Mike Teders for setting up this presentation.

Additionally, Catherine presented a slide show of AirVenture.
She will have an AirVenture video for the September 10th meeting.
The Boeing Dream Lifter pictured below at AirVenture
is one of three and soon to be four.
They are passenger version 747-400s that have been "slightly" modified,
into the
largest volume aircraft in the world.
Note the new pressure bulkhead just aft of the forward door.
I'll have much more on this amazing aircraft at our September 10th meeting.

And finally, Tony and Catherine auction off cool stuff,
including an AeroShell, flying cow poster,
from AirVenture to benefit the Young Eagles.

Female pilots gather, set record,
at Oshkosh AirVenture August 1, 2008

The most female pilots gathered in one place. At the front of the group were
Women Airforce Service Pilots, aerobatic pilots like Patty Wagstaff and Julie Clark and
Women in Aviation International (WAI) President Dr. Peggy Chabrian. Photo by EAA Bonnie Kratz

Photo by Bonnie Kratz

July, 9th 2008 our speaker was,
Glen Gray, Director of Aviation Services for
WxWorx, the most powerful in-flight weather system

click here to visit the WxWorx web site

June, 11th 2008 Ron Lueck, Comp Air Aviation, President and CEO
invited us over to inspect progress on his new Comp Air 9

click here to visit the Comp Air Aviation web site
click here to view photos of the Comp Air 9 under construction

May 14, 2008: EAA Chapter 724 flew 172 Young Eagles,
at Merritt Island, with the help of the local Civil Air Patrol.

The April, 16th 2008, meeting was devoted to
project updates and a recap of Sun 'n Fun.
V.P. Mike Teders presented a slide show from Sun 'n Fun and
Catherine produced a video of the Saturday air show.



V.P. Mike Teders gave a very interesting presentation
at our March, 12th 2008 meeting about his research
into LSA electrical systems.
click here to view his data



The Valkaria Air Fest February, 17th 2008
was a huge success!
or more information:
click here to visit the website


February, Wednesday, 13th our speakers were:

C. King Evans- ATP, CFI, II, MEI, Former Airline Pilot, Life Insurance General Agent for Pilots.

Photo by Roger Scruggs

Visit their new web site:

And, Frank O. Evans III, JD, LLM, Post doctorate in Tax Law, New York University,
Life Insurance General Agent for Pilots.

They talked about improving safety for pilots including:

How safer flying has changed the way the life insurance industry looks at pilots.
What can be learned about air safety from the life insurance industry.
How these recent changes can be beneficial to pilots both from a safety and economic standpoint.

We are in the business of selling life insurance.  We sell a lot of insurance and will probably help someone at your in your chapter or we would not bother.  But the goal of the presentation is to educate. Additionally, we typically do not sell new policies. The focus of our business is reviewing policies that are old and have become inefficient due to safer flying. Many pilots have these old policies and do not realize they are outdated. For instance, often we can double the death benefit or eliminate premium all together with a cash value policy even if it is just a few years old. This is huge for the pilot’s family. There are people at your chapter that have this problem and the life insurance company is not going to call to say to send less money. I am a free agent, which means that my interest is in helping the pilot not the life insurance company.

I am a pilot first, and the two things I understand the most about are flying, and life insurance. These two subjects go hand in hand. Insurance companies have a vested interest in safe flying, so they have profiled what a safe pilot looks like. This is important because the information is from a different perspective, and in many ways is a better perspective than the FAA‘s perspective. The FAA does not assimilate their information into dollars.

Understanding how the insurance industry looks at us can help us to make changes in how we fly. For instance, the FAA wants people to have an instrument rating and tells us it makes us safer. We all know it make for a safer pilot, but how much safer? The insurance industry has that answer, and it is significant. Pilots have elected to get their instrument rating because of the information that we have and the fact that they can save a tremendous amount of money on their life insurance. Not to mention that there is nothing like an economic excuse for getting that rating you’ve always wanted. “See honey, I must get my rating.”

Are we trying to sell insurance? You bet we are, just like when a CFI comes to tell you about an instrument approach. He's hoping that you use him for your next BFR or IPC and I've done that too. Our motivation is no different. The knowledge that we have is helpful, and can be taken through the door of any cockpit or insurance office and a better outcome will result. My career as a broker and a pilot is based on that.

This seminar is fun. No kidding, we have accomplished the impossible. We work hard to make it that way, but more over, this is important from both a safety and economic standpoint. Everyone who attends will benefit.




Josef Bostik was our January 9th 2008 speaker
Josef talked about the motor glider and sport pilot aircraft

Check out his website at:

Thanks, Bobbi for the lead on this presentation.


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