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Supper Starduster 2 s/n 1 prototype for Acroduster 2


Click here to see all of the enlarged photos from 10/28/07
October 28, 2007


Click on picture to enlarge
March 2005

Click on picture to enlarge
May 16, 2004 On goes the fabric!

Click on picture to enlarge
Varnish April 2004

Click on picture to enlarge

Click on picture to enlarge
Aft fuselage hor. stab. struts & fittings

Click on picture to enlarge
My original plan's sheet from the mid 70's s/n 152


Click on picture to enlarge
Replacement drawings for A/D 2 (old drawings shot !!!)

Click on picture to enlarge


Click on picture to enlarge
Bottom of left lower wing assembly with aileron installed

Click on picture to enlarge
Extra support brace's for left wing walk


Click on picture to enlarge
Finish sanding left lower wing aileron

Click on picture to enlarge
More sanding

Click on picture to enlarge
Right upper wing & aileron assembly

Click on picture to enlarge
Laminated Ash wooden wing tip (T-88 Epoxy) bow with Mahogany ply. leading edge

Close-up of laminated wing tip


Left lower wing with landing light installed

Left lower wing with Beach wood leading edge installed with pitot tube & landing light cutout

Go to the Starduster web site

The ACRODUSTER TOO SA750 is a fully aerobatic, two-place machine stressed to plus & minus 9 G's. It has modified symmetrical wings and is capable of matching aerobatic performance with any two-seat airplane now flying.

The optimum engine is the fuel-injected 200 HP Lycoming, with constant speed propeller. The prototype cruises about 160 mph, climbs 2300 fpm, and stalls at 55 mph. Although it has a comparatively sharp stall and sensitive control response, wings can be maintained in the level attitude with rudder alone or with aileron. This with stick full back by reducing power to idle and zero climb until stall is obtained.

An experienced taildragger pilot would have no trouble flying the Acroduster Too, but should get both cockpit and taxi time to acquaint oneself with the airplane before take-off. I recommend that a pilot without taildragger time obtain some dual instruction in something like a Cessna 140 or Starduster Too.

Construction follows traditional biplane practices with steel tube structure and spruce wing spars. Ribs are plywood with cap strips.

All materials are available from Stolp Starduster Corporation, either in kit form or as raw materials. Many items, such as gas tanks, turtlebacks, etc., are available and ready to install.

Your needs and orders will receive prompt attention.

Plans $175.00 Sale: $99.99


Go to Acroduster Too SA750 web page