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Photograph Guidelines

I primarily need photographs of your aircraft flying towards us. The best view is a 3/4 angle shot, with the near wing down as shown here. This is an easy and safe photograph to take since it can be taken from the ground. Be sure not to fly too high or we will be viewing the underside of your aircraft rather that the side.


An even better shot is looking down on the aircraft. But this shot requires a second photo plane, flying in formation and shooting to the rear. This obviously is a difficult photo to take so please do not try this unless both pilots are experienced with formation flying.


I will be able to use other views as well, including aircraft on the ground.

I will also include pictures of projects.

Be sure to capture the entire airplane in the photo.

The image size of the airplane on the photograph can be small. But the photo needs to be in focus and sharp.

The background needs to be a continuous contrasting color of the aircraft so I can drop it out to white.

Each graphic will carry a credit line noting the aircraft and owners.

If you have a question please don't hesitate to e-mail me, Catherine Hall, click here to e-mail