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 Recent News & Events: 2004



The 10th Annual Brevard Aviation Association Toys For Tots
Pancake Breakfast, December 11, 2004 at COI,
in conjunction with Island Aviation was a great success.

Photograph and Post Graphics by Roger Scruggs,


Our speaker December 8, 2004 was Peter McKenzie, local CFII.While in the United Kingdom this summer, Pete did some flying.The rules and cost of flying are quite different in the UK and Europe.
Pete told us about these differences.
It makes you glad that you fly in the USA.

Photo by Roger Scruggs
(click on the photo to enlarge)


Our speaker October 13, 2004 was Dick Todd. He briefed the Chapter about the Flight Advisor program and how he assisted recent first flight pilots Ric Lasher and Steve Bussey (pictured below with Dick).

Photo by Roger Scruggs
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Bryan Brotheridge gave the AOPA Safety Foundation program "Fuel Awareness" at the September 22nd. 2004 meeting.

Photo by Roger Scruggs
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Fred Mahan was the speaker for the August 11, 2004 meeting. His Power point/photograph presentation of his self-fly trip in Australia was great.

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Steve Bussey's Express first flight June 26, 2004
Congratulations, Great Job.

Photograph By Ric Lasher
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CBS News, Washington Post Writer and contributor, William Harwood was the speaker at the EAA Chapter 724 MeetingWednesday, June 9, 2003
CBS web site

Washington Post web site


Young Eagles flew at COI
June 5, 2004


David Fuchs the Director of Aircraft Maintenance at F.I.T. Aviation was the speaker at the May 12th 2004 meetting...(read more)

Photo by Roger Scruggs


Dave Boden gets the iron out...(read more)


Tenant Appreciation Day BBQ at COI, May 1, 2004
sponsored by the Airport Authority
"Meet, Great & Eat"...

Photo by Roger Scruggs


Ric and Bobbi Lasher's GlaStar first flight April 24, 2004

Photo by Roger Scruggs
(click on the photograph to enlarge)


Sun 'n Fun April 13 - 19 was great fun as usual...(go to their web site)


Lou Furlong recently completed two aircraft
a Barracuda and a Daytona Cub for his son
(click here to read more)


Great weather for the Valiant Air Command TICO AIRSHOW, March 13 and 14. The show was a huge success...
(more information at the Valiant Air Command web site)

Member projects and Bill Baer highlight
the March 10, 2004 EAA 724 meeting at Island Aviation...
(read more)

Photo by Roger Scruggs

Fred Watts the new Executive Director of the Airport Authority addressed the Brevard Aviation Association
February 25, 2004...

Photo by Roger Scruggs


Florida Volunteer Search & Rescue group from the US Marine Corps Reserve Cadet Corps, Young Eagles flown at COI by Chapter 724, February 21, 2004...(read more)

Photo by Roger Scruggs

TFRs are listed on AOPA at:

And on the FAA site at:


The February 11, 2004 meeting was devoted to project up dates
and a review of the AT-6 mishap...
(read more)

Photo by Roger Scruggs


There was standing room only, again, at the January 14, 2004,
presentation by Carol Ann Garratt

My trip around the a Mooney M20J...
(read more)


EAA Chapter 724 Stuff Moved To Charlie Gray's Hanger January 11, 2004...(more photos)


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