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 Recent News & Events: 2005





December 14, 2005, Wes Whitley was our speaker. He talked about the Light Sport, Highlander, from Cornell Aero Works. This was a very interesting presentation since Wes is part of a growing group of aviators that are purchasing Light Sport aircraft and enclosed trailers to transport them.

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Toys For Tots was a great success
Saturday, December 3, 2005

Photograph and Post Graphics by Roger Scruggs,
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Steve Bussey was our speaker November 9, 2005
Steve produced a great presentation about
Angle Of Attack Indicators
Today's popular sport aircraft fly faster, higher, further, and with
larger payloads. As a result, the stall speed, the approach speed, and
other performance speeds can no longer be assumed to be constant. They
actually never were.

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We raffled the Bomber Jacket donated to us by
EAA National, November 9, 2005
The lucky winner was Bill Harris


Saying good bye to COI pioneer Irv Bubeck
October 29, 2005 in the Sebastian Communications hanger.

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Young Eagles flew October 22nd
from Merritt Island

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Randy's project

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Mike Teders took a new photograph of COI,
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Dave Boden zooming along...

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CBS News, Washington Post Writer and contributor, William Harwood was our speaker, October 19th 2005, he brought us up-to-date on space news.

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More Larry Show and Tell

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September 3, 2005
Chapter 724 tours the Shuttle Landing Facility

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Denny Funnemark flew in a Tango II, from Williston, for the May 11, 2005 meeting. He told us about the new Team Tango, how the airplane is built, their build center program, and performance. They are currently testing the second Foxtrot 4, and have three airplanes under construction.

Photo by Roger Scruggs
Denny launching after the meeting; returning to Williston.
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Sun 'n Fun, 2005 April 12 - 18th. was great as usual!
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Larry and Sherry Sietsma who flew their Beechcraft Baron 58 around the world, beginning and ending at Melbourne in 90 days were our speakers, April 13, 2005.
Visit their web site at:

Photo by Roger Scruggs
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We had a great time at the Kennedy Space Center All American Picnic and Return to Flight Rally, KARS Park, April 9th. 2005

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Dave Boden making progress...

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Dr. Lehton from Servant Air Ministries was our speaker,
March 9th. 2005.

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212 Young Eagles flew February 19, 2005 at COI.

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CBS News, Washington Post Writer and contributor, William Harwood was our speaker, February 18, 2005. We heard what it was like to witness SpaceShipOne rocketing into history. Additionally, Bill brought us up-to-date on local space news.

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Larry Olson shares more from his project.

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Our speaker January 12, 2005 was F-117 pilot, Bryan "BK" Knight.
We found out what really happened when he punched-out of the Stealth Fighter that crashed at the Baltimore air show and what it's like to eject from a 50 million dollar airplane.

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