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 Recent News & Events: 2007


Our December 12th speaker was
new EAA 724 member, Manuel De Leon

Manuel works for United Space Alliance Marine (USA) as an engineer at Hangar AF; where they disassemble and
refurbish parts of the Shuttle's Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs). He is also a diver for SRB recovery retrieval at-sea
after Shuttle launches. His presentation covered the SRB retrieval from launch day to hand-off to Disassembly
Operations. He also highlighted other aspects of ship board life at KSC. The retrieval ships support External Tank
(ET) barge towing, NASA training, NOAA, and NAVY operations on the Florida east coast. He had photos and video
of ship board and underwater work few people get to see.


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Toys For Tots
Supporters donated 254 toys and $210 in cash at the annual
Brevard Aviation Association and Atlas Aviation
Pancake Breakfast, 8am to 11am,
December, Saturday 8th

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> To the pilots who make this program (Young Eagles) available:
> Thank you so much for your time and expense to give the young people
> of Brevard such a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the experience of
> flight. Our son took advantage of this opportunity in the 1990's and
> we still have his certificate packed away with other memories of his
> youth.
> I am certain that you did have in some way an impact on his life.

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The November 10th 2007 dazzling Delta 4 Heavy launch
carrying the DSP-23 missile warning satellite
photographed by Roger Scruggs from Jetty Park.
This was only the second launch of our largest unmanned space booster.

For more information on the launch click here for

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And, a photo by Carleton Bailie from United Launch Alliance

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And, this one by Pat Corkery from United Launch Alliance

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Great publicity for Young Eagles from Florida Today

Thanks to Tony Yacono for providing the scanned image.
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Tony Yacono flies his 500th Young Eagle
Saturday, November 17th 2007
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109 Young Eagles flew from Merritt Island Airport
Saturday, November 17th 2007

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November, Wednesday,14th
Our speaker was Lowell Hinchee from
Foundation Flyers in Winter Haven.

He spoke to an over flowing crowd.
Check out his web site at
His proven teaching strategies allow you to learn recovery techniques effectively, and in a non-stressful manner.
His Mission Statement: Our mission at Foundation Flyers, Inc. is to provide each pilot with life saving flight instruction
teaching unusual attitude recovery techniques using research developed and flight tested processes. All training
courses are based upon sound adult learning principals, designed to meet individual pilot training needs, develop
instinctive responses, and provide a positive learning experience resulting in a safer more confident pilot.
Thanks, Bobbi Lasher for setting-up this presentation.

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Dave Boden project update 10/28/07

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all of the October 2007 enlarged photos)


October Wednesday,10th
Bob Murphy talked about the Night Witches and the Yak PO-2 planes that they flew.
The Night Witches were women pilots in the Soviet Air Force during WW2.
These women were very daring and skilled pilots.
They gave the Germans fits.
The German's were the ones who coined the title "Night Witches".

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A special thanks to Bobbi Lasher for setting up this presentation.


193 Young Eagles flew June 9th. 2007
at Merritt Island...everyone had a great time.

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Roger Scruggs our photographer having fun again!!!

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Catherine was our speaker
February Wednesday 14, 2007

She produced a video review
of the Sebring LSA exhibition.


Bill Baer back on earth...

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Roger Scruggs had a little fun with the photographhe took of
Jack Repass showing his latest work, January 11, 2007

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