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By EAA writer, Barbara A. Schmitz Tony Yacono said he simply is enjoying what heís doing.

But others donít see it that way, and thatís why he is receiving the Chapter Coordinator Award.Yacono has been a Young Eagles coordinator for 12 years, and he personally has flown more than 500 youth. In fact, under his leadership, EAA Chapter 724 has flown 3,704 Young Eagles.Yacono said he became involved in the program because someone cared enough to give him his first airplane ride at 12. Now 80, he has accumulated about 6,000 hoursí flight time."My opinion is that I need to give something back to the youngsters; thatís why I am doing this." Yet "the biggest kid in the airplane is the one behind the controls," he said.Still he can tell countless stories of the real kids who became excited by their flights, like a family of three girls, who the mother said wouldnít say a word in the sky. "They wouldnít stop talking because they were so excited," he said. "I had to ask them not to say anything when I was getting ready to land."Yacono said it takes a lot of work to put on a Young Eagles rally. "A lot of people run their tail off, and everyone deserves a great deal of credit. While I am appreciative of the award, I am going to accept it for all the people who help."

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EAA Photo
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And finally at the August 13, 2008 meeting,
Tony and Catherine auction off cool stuff,
including an AeroShell, flying cow poster,
from AirVenture to benefit the Young Eagles.

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Female pilots gather, set record,
at Oshkosh AirVenture August 1, 2008

The most female pilots gathered in one place. At the front of the group were
Women Air force Service Pilots, aerobatic pilots like Patty Wagstaff and Julie Clark and
Women in Aviation International (WAI) President Dr. Peggy Chabrian. Photo by EAA Bonnie Kratz

Photo by Bonnie Kratz
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July, 9th 2008 our speaker was,
Glen Gray, Director of Aviation Services for
WxWorx, the most powerful in-flight weather system

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June, 11th 2008 Ron Lueck, Comp Air Aviation, President and CEO
invited us over to inspect progress on his new Comp Air 9

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May 14, 2008: EAA Chapter 724 flew 172 Young Eagles,
at Merritt Island, with the help of the local Civil Air Patrol.

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The April, 16th 2008, meeting was devoted to
project updates and a recap of Sun 'n Fun.
V.P. Mike Teders presented a slide show from Sun 'n Fun

V.P. Mike Teders gave a very interesting presentation
at our March, 12th 2008 meeting about his research
into LSA electrical systems.
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The Valkaria Air Fest
February, 17th 2008

was a huge success!
or more information:
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February, 13th ( Wednesday) 2008 our speakers were:
C. King Evans- ATP, CFI, II, MEI, Former Airline Pilot, Life Insurance General Agent for Pilots.
And, Frank O. Evans III, JD, LLM, Post doctorate in Tax Law, New York University,
Life Insurance General Agent for Pilots.

King and Frank

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Visit their new web site:

They talked about improving safety for pilots including: How safer flying has changed the way the life insurance industry looks at pilots.
What can be learned about air safety from the life insurance industry.
How these recent changes can be beneficial to pilots both from a safety and economic standpoint.
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Josef Bostik was our January 9th 2008 speaker
Josef talked about the motor glider and sport pilot aircraft

Check out his website at:


Thanks, Bobbi Lasher for the lead on this presentation
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