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 Recent News & Events: 2009


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Recent News & Events:

Justin Wesley was elected Vice President
at the October 14th 2009 meeting.

Justin is a pilot for Baer Air, Aviation Mentor and former Young Eagle.

Don White was elected President
at the September 9th 2009 meeting.

At the September 9th meeting Catherine announced that after seven years as President,
she was retiring from the position and she nominated Don White as her replacement.

August 12th 2009 Catherine briefed the Chapter on her tour
of the Airbus 380, test aircraft #004 at Oshkosh.

And, Jack reviewed the Chapter's new tax-exempt status.

Dwayne Waters, Demonstration Pilot and Maintenance
Trainer for Liberty Aircraft was our speaker July 8th 2009.
He had a terrific presentation on how Liberty constructs it's aircraft.

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The June, 10th meeting
was devoted to
project updates.

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Young Eagles fly, Saturday,
May 16, 2009 from Merritt Island

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At our May 13th 2009 meeting ,
Don McLendon
gave a presentation about Aires.
Thanks, to Bobbi Lasher for setting up this presentation

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Great new Aviation sites:

At our Apr il 2009 meeting
CarolAnn Garratt was
our speaker,
talked a bout her record 2008 around the world flight
with Carol Foy, for ALS. It was a great presentation!

(click here to visit her ALS Dash for a Cure website)
(click here to view photos and copy of her 2004 presentation to us
about her first around the world flight)

(click here to visit her website)

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The 32nd Annual Warbird AirShow
at the Titusville airport
March 13, 14 and 15, 2009,

was a huge success for Valiant.

(TICO Warbird web site link)

(Valiant Air Command web site link)

The March 11th. 2009 meeting was devoted
to project updates.

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The Valkaria Air Fest February 21, 2009 drew a record crowd.

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(Valkaria Air Fest web site link)

For the February 11th. 2009 meeting
w e attended the AOPA/FAA Wings Seminar,
GPS From the Ground Up,
at the Harris Customer Briefing Center, Melbourne.
(Click here to read the flyer from AOPA)

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CBS News, Washington Post Writer
and contributor,
William Harwood was our speaker,
January 14th. 2009.

Photographs by Roger Scruggs

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At our meeting, December 10th. (Wednesday) 2008
presented her inside look
at the Aerion Supersonic Business Jet

Toys For Tots
Pancake Breakfast, December 6, 2008
Merritt Island Airport, at Space Coast Aviation
was a great success.

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Michael Chaplin was our feature presenter
at the November 12th. 2008 meeting.
He explained, when and how to use the NASA report;
to avoid a sanction when we make a mistake.
Additionally, details about inadvertent violations
that we all can commit were covered.
Mike has a very impressive bio, about four pages,
click here for the condensed one page version.

Thanks to John Watkins for setting this up.

Young Eagles flew, Saturday,
November 1, 2008 from Merritt Island

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New Young Eagle flew with former Young Eagle, Justin Wesley,
now a commercial pilot with Baer Air,
October 15th. 2008

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